Andes Action Is All About Close Collaboration With On-The-Ground Conservation Partners And Funding Partners

We are actively seeking conservation organizations to join our growing Andes Action network.  

And we are actively seeking donors who can make Andes Action’s large-scale forest restoration a reality.   We welcome partners at all giving levels who are eager to invest in long-term climate solutions:

  • multi-laterals 
  • philanthropists
  • private sector CSR (corporate and social responsibility) programs
  • individuals

Restoration Funding Projects


Integrating with emerging Latin American water funds.

Andes Action estimates that 50% of restoration funding will be generated from payments for ecosystem services (PES), particularly water programs. We are seeking partners to integrate our community restoration model with emerging water programs/funds across our six participating countries. Andes Action’s highest priority is effective on-the-ground conservation and restoration outcomes. 


Develop 20+ projects by 2020

Andes Action works with a growing list of medium-sized projects in priority landscapes.  All projects include proficient, on-the-ground conservation leaders from experienced conservation organizations, well-established community relationships, and clarified land rights.  To reach scale, Andes Action seeks to partner with regional and international project developers to develop 20+ integrated landscape restoration projects.  Each will comprise 5000+ hectares (approx. 12,400 acres).

JOIN US in our mission to plant the right native trees in the right places.

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Constantino Aucca 
Principal coordinator, Andes Action
President, ECOAN (Asociacion Ecosistemas Andinos)
Chief Conservation Officer, Global Forest Generation

Florent Kaiser
Executive Director, Global Forest Generation