GFG Co-Founder Wins UN Champion of the Earth Award

Constantino Aucca, President of our Acción Andina initiative and Co-Founder of Global Forest Generation, has won the highest environmental honor from the UN. Joining the ranks of Sir David Attenborough French President Emmanuel Macron, he is the first Peruvian born recipient of the prestigious honor.

The Andes Race Ultra Marathon

The Andes Race: Preserving Incan Heritage Through Competition. 

Using Technology to Reforest the Andes Mountains

Technology plays an extremely important role in scaling restoration efforts involving tens of thousands of people.

''The Ecopreneurs" Documentary Series

Acción Andina and GFG are featured in a new documentary series produced by Salesforce and Fortune Brand Studios.

Festival of Trees

Queuña Raymi was the inspiration behind the founding of GFG. The goal?
Plant enough Polylepis trees to save a critical ecosystem.

Inside the 10-year Race to Save the Planet

Featuring the work of many UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration partners, including #AccionAndina project highlights in the Andes of South America.

Insights from the Top Ecosystem Restoration Leaders

Global Forest Generation joins the world's top ecosystem restoration organizations at COP26 to address the massive scaling challenges facing society.


Generation Restoration: everything you need to know

A new generation of young people and ecopreneurs known as Generation Restoration are putting the planet’s health first.

Restoring native Forests During the Indigenous Planting Festival

Restoring native forests in Peru during the indigenous tree planting festival.
Thanks to One Tree Planted for the video!

The rise of Generation Restoration and youth ecopreneurship

Sparked by a formidable sense of purpose, urgency and need for action, a new generation of young people are putting the planet’s health at the heart of their businesses.

Forest Restoration Leader Florent Kaiser on Restoring the Planet - Salesforce News

Forests, which are critical to the health of our planet, covered about half the Earth before the agricultural revolution began. In the 8,000 years since, while we've managed to feed and house billions of people, we've also lost or degraded half of those forests, fueling a biodiversity collapse and the climate crisis.

How indigenous peoples are battling deforestation

The World Economic Forum spotlights Accion Andina: July 28, 2020

#WorldEconomicForum #WaysToChangeTheWorld
This is how indigenous peoples are battling deforestation.

Ambitious project to restore Andean forests

Growing at altitudes of up to 5,000 metres, polylepis forests, comprising 28 recognized shrub and tree species endemic to the mid- and high-elevation regions of the tropical Andes, are a significant origin of the flow of water into the headwaters of the Amazon.

To Protect the Amazon Rainforest and Beyond, We Must Start in the Andes

If the Amazon rainforest are the lungs of the planet, then the Andes are its lifeblood. The world's last remaining hotspot for agrobiodiversity, the region is the origin of many nutritionally important crop species and superfoods-grains like amaranth and quinoa; lupine pulses and maca roots-that underpin ecosystems, economies and diets.

What would it really take to plant a trillion trees?

Tree planting is capturing the minds of those who look for fast climate action. Earlier this month, the Ethiopian Government announced a new world record: thousands of volunteers planted 353 million trees in one single day. This came shortly after a team of scientists identified suitable places in the world where up to 1 trillion new trees could be planted.