Córdoba, Argentina


Fundación Actividades Biosféricas (FAB) is an Argentinian NGO. It coordinates reforestation projects, capacity building, and training programs on conservation of mountain ecosystems and the restoration of polylepis forests with a team of innovative teachers working for the protection of biodiversity, regeneration of ecosystems, and sustainable development of both ecological and socio-cultural environments throughout the Córdoba region. FAB was born in 2008, inspired by the 2002 Ecological Restoration and Environmental Education Project “Milking Clouds”, an initiative aiming to restore the high Andean forests of the Provincial Water Reserve of Achala in Cerro Champaquí, in the geographic heart of the Argentinian province of Córdoba. 

Árbol y Vida was inspired by the doctoral thesis of Agricultural Engineer David Ezequiel Medina, who in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, reforested 2,100 Polylepis trees. Árbol y Vida’s mission is to mitigate the ecological imbalances caused by deforestation by conducting reforestation activities in the Yala, Ornaditas, Santa Catalina, Tumbayá, Maimara and Tilcara localities. It also seeks to conserve the biological diversity and richness of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, a semi-desert ecosystem in the high Andes containing endangered relict (remnant) forests, such as the Jujuy Yungas.



Pablo Friedländer received a PhD in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in History, Aesthetics and Anthropology from the Universidad de Barcelona as well as a degree in Classical Studies from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Argentina. He has co-authored and published interdisciplinary research on experimental development in socio-environmental sciences and philosophies of nature and taught in universities, institutes and national and foreign networks. Pablo advises and coordinates projects related to ecological restoration, health, and environmental education. He organizes expeditions and ethnobotanical research, synergistic volunteering and intercultural seminars on the convergence between ancestral wisdom and the new ecological paradigms of science, philosophy, and sustainable entrepreneurship. Pablo is the Director of the Treeangle Foundation and the Asociación Civil Ecosistemas Argentinos. He has directed the “Milking Clouds” project in Cerro Champaquí since 2002, and coordinates the Acción Serrana restoration project since March 2021.



Acción Serrana Executive Coordinator

Javier Sparacino has been the Executive Coordinator of Acción Serrana since July 2019. He holds a PhD and a postdoctoral degree in Physics from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina, as well as a PhD in Environment and Development from the Universidade Federal do Piauí in Brazil. Javier has volunteered for numerous ecological restoration projects in the Córdoba highlands. His passion for the interconnected nature between Polylepis forests and mountains, led him to study these forests, which have been at the center of his research since 2014.


Executive Scientific Coordinator

Romina Torre Romina, the Executive Scientific Coordinator of FAB, graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a degree in biology. She also has a postgraduate degree in ecological restoration, and teaches children, youth, and adults on environmental topics. She is a member of the Argentine Ecological Restoration Network and part of their newsletter editorial committee. She has been a member of the “Milking Clouds” project since 2014.