Córdoba, Argentina


Ecosistemas Argentinos (EA) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2003. Its mission is to conserve Argentina’s ecosystems. Its forest restoration work is entirely a volunteer service. The accomplishments of Ecosistemas Argentinos include:

  • Collaborating on four forest restoration projects totaling 800 hectares, (approximately 2,000 acres).
  • Organizing and presenting 30 conservation courses, including on ecological restoration.
  • Contributing to over 100 scientific publications as well as to books and documentary videos.


Restoration Leader

Daniel Renison is the Director of Ecosistemas Argentinos, which is based in Cordoba, Argentina. Since 1997, he has been involved in the restoration of Polylepis forests. The success of his work in this arena earned him the “Cordoban of the Year” Award in 2015. Daniel is also a researcher for the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), an Argentine federal government agency. His areas of interest include the ecology and management of montane forests with an emphasis on restoration, techniques for the production and out-planting of native trees, and ecosystem services with an emphasis on the provision of water.



Restoration Coordinators

Elisa Sosa is a volunteer coordinator of reforestation projects for EA. She leads an ecological restoration project in the reserve "Los Manantiales", in the center of Argentina, where the challenges are the control of exotic species and the protection of native species. Elisa also directs communications for Ecosistemas Argentinos.




Julito Dominguez has initiated a reforestation project, planting native species, including Polylepis australis, in the mountains of central Argentina. The project also involves construction and maintenance of fences to protect the young trees. Julito’s eco-tourism company, Trekking and Reforestation, brings tourists to native forests where they collect seeds, plant seedlings, and erect fencing.