Cochabamba, Bolivia

Centro de Biodiversidad y Genética (CBG) is a research unit within the Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidad Mayor de San Simón in Cochabamba. It promotes the conservation of Bolivia’s natural heritage based on socially relevant research to protect biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides. CBG is an Authorized Scientific Institution (ICA) by the Ministry of Environment and Water and a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) scientific Authority. Accordingly, CBG research includes Animal Ecology, Plant Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation. Among the accomplishments of CBG:

  • Participation in the creation of local protected areas to conserve threatened species in fragile ecosystems of Bolivia.
  • CBG has produced more than 180 scientific publications, including journal articles, peer reviewed papers, books and guides. Subjects include endangered species and Polylepis forests.




Restoration Leaders

Jennifer Cahill is Profesora principal de la Universidad de San Simon - Cochabamba. An animal ecologist, she has expertise in population ecology, habitat fragmentation and conservation of Andean biodiversity.


Milton Fernandez is Profesor principal de la Universidad de San Simon - Cochabamba. A plant ecologist, his focus includes bioclimate, climate change, habitat fragmentation and conservation.


Field & Production Coordinator

Edgar E. Gareca, a plant biologist, has studied the reproduction and growth of Polylepis trees in the high Andes, as well as the genetic consequences of their habitat fragmentation.