Riobamba, Ecuador 

Andean Adventures is an eco-tourism company, which operates in Ecuador’s Chimborazo National Park. Its owner, John Paredes, who is restoring the forest on his own land near the Park, has partnered with MAE Chimborazo, Ecuador’s Ministry of the Environment for Chimborazoto produce Polylepis seedlings in his nursery. This volunteer effort will enable MAE Chimborazo to plant 50,000 seedlings during the 2019-2020 planting season.  



Restoration Leader

John Alexander Paredes Romero manages the Chimborazo Refuge within the Chimborazo Reserve. He also owns (with his wife), the ecotourism company, Andean Adventures. During the last 10 years, he has worked to strengthen eco-tourism in Ecuador’s protected areas. His focus is minimizing environmental impact while raising awareness among people living near protected areas to care for and preserve them.



Field & Production Coordinators

Lázaro Eugenio Punina.  “I am a farmer with 16 years of greenhouse management experience. My father, the first greenhouse manager in my community, taught me about native plant production and I now carry on his tradition. I have experience in the production of the following native species: Yagual, Polylepis incana, P. reticulata, Alder, Piquil, Retama, White Acacia, Red Acacia, and Yagual racemose.“

Julio Ramiro Caiza Baño.  As a staff member of Andean Adventures, Julio coordinates the visits of tourists to Chimborazo.  He also helps facilitate the company’s forest restoration project, producing seedlings in the Andean Adventures’ tree nursery.