Cusco, Peru and Washington, DC

ACCA, the Asociacion para la Conservacion de la Cuenca Amazonica, was founded in 1999.  The mission of the Association for the Conservation of the Amazon Basin is to protect the most diverse landscapes of the planet, to train the next generation of conservationists, and to strengthen ways of life in harmony with nature and friendly to biodiversity. ACCA conserves the Amazon, promoting public, communal and private natural areas; working with the government; supporting local actors in the management of their natural resources; and developing solutions based on conservation and scientific research.

ACCA has reforested degraded lands with over 250,000 trees, most in community-based reforestation projects in the Manu National Park buffer zone. Based on our data on carbon stocks, we estimate our reforestation to date with native montane forest species will sequester approximately 174 metric tons of carbon dioxide per acre over 16 years.

ACCA is experienced in collaborating with highlands communities to build capacity for ecoagriculture and reforestation. Our reforestation model is linked with a holistic approach to strengthening community land management, including territorial planning and reclaiming ancestral agricultural practices. This both improves long-term durability of conservation outcomes and increases household incomes.


Restoration Leader

Efrain Samochuallpa Solis is a biologist (National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco - UNSAAC, with post-graduate studies in "Planning and Environmental Management of Natural Resources" at the Catholic University of Santa Maria - Arequipa and "Management in Protected Areas" at Colorado State University – USA).  He is a founding partner of Asociacion Ecosistemas Andinos - ECOAN - and has been manager of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of the Cusco Regional Government (January-December 2014)


Project Coordinator – Highlands Resource Manager

Marlene Mamani is a native Quechua speaker who works closely with Quechua communities on forest conservation, sustainable agriculture, and fire prevention. Her common experience with community partners enables her to build strong relationships and share her passion for conservation.  She obtained a biology degree from the University of San Antonio Abad in 2002 and a master’s degree in forestry and forest resources management from one of Peru’s most prominent universities, La Molina, in 2012. Her thesis focused on quantifying aboveground carbon stocks and livestock grazing impact on the highlands around Manu National Park.   She joined the Amazon Conservation team in 2010, leading field-based restoration, community conservation planning, eco-agriculture, and reforestation research.


Project Coordinator – Highlands Resource Manager

Porfirio Zegarra Farfan is an agronomist, forestry and agroforestry specialist.  A member of the ACCA professional team since July 2009, he has been responsible for the Forest Component in several Conservation and Development projects and reforestation/restoration projects that ACCA has implemented in the area of ​​Challabamba - Paucartambo from 2010 to 2015.